What kinds of machines are compatible with “X PURGE”?

“X PURGE” can be use with all kinds of machine such as Injection, Extrusion, Blown Film and Blow Molding ect.

Which types of polymers or plastics that “X PURGE” can be used with?

X PURGE” can be used with almost every kinds of polymer such as PE, PP,PS, ABS, PC, POM and PVC.

Is “X PURGE” safe for user and machine?

“X PURGE” is safe for users as it contains no harmful materials. More importantly, “X PURGE” is non-abrasive and will not damage the cylinder or the screw. And, in the event that there is a need to seal the machine during shut down, “X PURGE” can be used right away at low temperature.

How to store “X PURGE”?

Storing the “X PURGE” is just as same as storing the other polymers: away from heat, humidity and sun light.

And this is a highly effective product that will keep your screw and machine thoroughly clean and maximize your machine’s efficiency.