Issues in injection-molded plastic products and troubleshooting


Injection molding is a process that converts plastic, metal or other materials into molds. The injection molding process requires a molding machine, materials and a mold. Several issues can occur during injection molding of plastic products and can cause machines to shut down. To ensure production continuity and the quality of end-products, we will delve into each problem and troubleshooting.

Injection issues

  • Foreign contaminants or burnt plastic bits that are dislodged in the machine.
  • The plastic resin may be left in the machine during downtime.
  • The dirt may be on the surface of the screw or the barrel.


These problems can be rectified by purging the screw and the barrel of any plastic residue with X PURGE, which contains cleaning agents that expand and flow into and purge hard-to-reach areas. The compound can be left in the machine during downtime to prevent the issue of burnt materials and can also stop dirt from sticking to the surface of the machine.

Material and color contamination

Customers who manufacture a diverse range of products and have storage limitations may need to change materials frequently, which not only incurs expenses and requires downtime for purging but can also lead to material contamination and discoloration. To address this issue, X PURGE can be used during changeovers to purge leftover color or materials from the machine. The compound also reduces the amount of material and the time required for purging.

Gels or fisheyes

Gels are common issues in film production that can be caused by the presence of other plastic materials, insufficient heat long run production, or poor additive mixing. They become more prevalent after prolonged production. X PURGE can be used to help eliminate this particular problem, either by conducting a preliminary purge of the machine with the compound or by packing the purging compound in the machine during downtime.

Die lines and residues on the die head and the film blowing machine

Die lines are lines in the machine direction that produce unevenness in films and are caused by the friction of the plastic at the die head or by plastic residues. This issue can be solved by adjusting production conditions, which include decreasing or increasing the temperature at the die head, reducing production cycles, or removing the die head from the machine for cleaning. X PURGE, however, allows for fuss-free die head cleaning as the purging compound can be forced through the screw to the die head without any disassembly needed.


This problem is caused by the corrosion and oxidation of the part of the plastic product that is in contact with the mold. The compromised density allows moisture to penetrate into the mold and the plastic material. This issue can be solved by cleaning the screw and the barrel with X PURGE to dislodge any plastic deposit inside the machine without any need for disassembly.