Purging Material for Injection Molding

GC Marketing Solutions (GCM) is a Thailand-based producer of purging compounds. X PURGE, show well performance as most types of plastic extrusion machines. We provide injection molding and extrusion manufacturers in Thailand and over 100 countries around the world with our high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Our Successful Journey

X PURGE purging compound was founded in 2014 while our X PURGE grade GX168 product was still in development. We launched our inaugural product in 2015 and gained positive product reviews and awareness in Thailand and over ten other countries around the world by 2016. We were known as a brand of cleaning products for injection molding machines and screws.

In 2018, we expanded our portfolio of products with the launch of our high, heat-resistant X PURGE EX20T purging compound and cylinder. It is compatible to be used in hot temperatures for engineering plastic and commodities.

We achieved our highest sales record in 2019, with over 130 Metric Ton (MT) sold.

Now in 2020 we are set to launch our latest product X PURGE PX319 is a low-smoke and low-smell purging compound for injection molding produced in a clean room and extrusion machines that has a high grade of efficiency. When launched, X PURGE PX319 will join our two existing products in providing a complete cleaning and purging solution for injection molding.

Flagship Products


X PURGE GX168 is a general-purpose grade, high-efficiency injection molding machine cleaning material, which provides fast and effective material change and contaminant removal in the machine without the need for machine disassembly. This helps reduce machine downtime and maximize productivity.

X PURGE GX168 contains special ingredient for purging and cleaning plastic processing machines. This ingredient will helps hard-to-reach negative flow areas of the machines such as in injection molding screws and hot runner cleaning.

The compound is tailor-made for cleaning various types of machines including blow molding, sheet casting, and profile extrusion machines. It works well in temperatures ranging from 140 to 240 °C and is suitable for manufacturers of PE, PP and PVC products.


For high-heat resistant grade plastic purging agents that offer high stability at temperatures between 200 and 340 °C, we provide our X PURGE EX20T purging compound for plastic. This product is suitable for manufacturers of plastic products including PP, PS,ABS,PC and Nylon.


X PURGE PX319 is superior efficiency purging material which provides fast and effective cleaning plastic processing machines. This helps reduce machine downtime and/or maximize productivity. This PX319 can be used for cleaning injection machine and hot runner also. The new grade is design for temperature range 200 – 290 °C which can applicable for PE, POM, PP , ABS, PA6 + Glass fiber and etc.

Transition material by X PURGE

This special ingredient of X PURGE is effective which can prolong the life expectancy of your machines. Sometime, contaminants create scratching mark on the surfaces of your cylinders and screws. Especially, high hardness filler such as glass fiber is high abrasive material which will make deep hard to reach mark. When, dark color is used to product will be stuck within and hardly or cannot be removed.

Therefore, X PURGE is recommended to use as transition material although this is a short time stopping. This method can help to be a proactive preventive action and help to safe machine from those of unexpected damage which can prolong time for major maintenance of machine.


X PURGE has enjoyed +154% AAGR growth in the past 5 years. 95% of this growth has come from our original product, the X PURGE GX168 purging compound. We serve more than 140 commercial customers in 38 countries around the world. The leading consumer countries after Thailand include Japan, Turkey, China, South Africa, Australia, Philippines and the UAE.

We are looking forward to the upcoming and highly anticipated launch of our high-efficiency X PURGE PX319 cleaning and purging compound. And with an enhanced digital marketing platform on the horizon, we expect to continue our growth and expand our customer base even further.